About Us


Founded as Adham company in 1979, at the beginning of our business of that year, we installed an electric supply office in the center of Erbil city “Setaqan Street”, Adham company has a successful and well known credit history which started with household electrical supplies, at the same time we stepped towards expanding our works regarding to electrical installations of houses, hotels and mosques in addition to importing household electrical accessories from renowned international brands.
It is obvious that ADHAM Co. was the first company in Kurdistan to import LED Spotlights in addition to the state-of-art electrical technology. Such steps led to formation of mutual trust between the first party and the second party, and this trust led to motivate us to move our office from a small area to a private building by scientific and deliberate steps.


Currently, our company has many branches working actively and dynamically, and soon will open a new branch in the 60M street  which if follow our other branches who work hard in order to achieve the dreams of the citizens, and to meet the needs of citizens 24 hours a day.

  • Adham Group – Setaqan Main Showroom
  • Adham Group – Setaqan Second Showroom
  • Adham Group – 60M Str. Showroom
  • Adham Group – Bakhtiyari Showroom